The Gyroscope is a flight instrument on a plane, similar to a compass, telling you what direction you’re heading. It is a very important tool, but only if you know where you’re trying to go. Without knowing your destination, even the most sophisticated navigation tools will be useless. Similarly, the Gyroscope app can show you hundreds of graphs of the inner workings of your body — but without knowing your ultimate goal in life, all that data has little utility.

Operating without a solid understanding of your why and core motivations is like flying a plane without knowing the destination. Unfortunately, most people haven’t yet figured out where they trying to go, in their life or their health, and are wandering aimlessly.

You need a mission. The app can calculate your exact calories, protein requirements and sleep needed for the day, but it can’t tell you your purpose in life. That is something you will need to figure out for yourself, but we will try to help in the process. We will guide you through the process in the next few minutes.

Many people do have some short-term goal in mind, like getting to a certain bodyfat or seeing their data. Or perhaps they are focused on their career, making money or being productive. These are a good start, but understanding why those things matter will help to understand yourself and have a chance of achieving them. One of the first steps in started on Gyroscope is to truly understand your goals in life, especially the underlying emotions and desires.