Courtney Thomas

Courtney has been a certified fitness professional for almost 20 years. Originally a premed student at the University of Kansas, Courtney became aware of the complete lack of attention to the preventative aspect of so many health issues facing people. She became a passionate advocate for taking care of ourselves from the inside out using exercise and nutrition and ended up changing majors to Exercise Science. Since then, Courtney has worked with people of all ages to create lasting lifestyle habits that fit their season of life in a variety of gym and in-home settings.

Meet Courtney

I am a personal development junkie. I’m constantly looking for ways to progress and grow both personally and professionally. I use all the resources, experience, and knowledge I’ve acquired over the last 20 years to help my clients reach their goals. I believe nothing motivates like progress and nothing keeps you more alive than to feel like you are constantly growing and getting better. I love coaching people through this growth with their health and wellness goals to better their lives and see their true potential.

Outside Gyroscope

I have two kids that keep me incredibly busy with their crazy school and sports schedules. While I’m not working or living my kid’s lives I love to lift weights, cook, read, ride my bike, meditate, and practice yoga.

What is your favorite kind of workout?

Strength training - I love the feeling of being strong and there is no better way to boost your metabolism. But I also love incorporating HIIT training to stay lean and yoga to stay flexible and mobile.

What is your main focus?

My specialty is layering self care habits one at a time until you have them mastered. You don't have to be extreme, you just have to be consistent. I focus on combining strength training, cardio, and stretching/yoga to strengthen the whole body and mind. I also give a ton of feedback on nutrition and encourage eating more plants because you truly can't out train a bad diet.

How did you get interested in health?

Growing up I had a lot of digestive issues. This prompted me to dive deeper into my nutrition and I started to realize how important what I put into my body dictated almost every aspect of how I felt. I started eating less processed foods and filled up on a more protein and plant based diet leading me to completely eradicate my issues without doctors or medicine. I'm not a vegetarian by any means - I just incorporate a lot of plants!

What was one of the biggest health changes you’ve made?

Incorporating yoga into my workout schedule. After I had hip surgery I realized I needed more mobility and flexibility. I also love the mental aspect of yoga.

What do you think most people should do differently to be more healthy?

Change their mindsets. When people change their perspective on what it means to be healthy and focus on why they want to be more healthy, changes come more naturally. For example, if you are trying to lose weight and your only focus is the scale immediately moving, motivation and frustration can mount quickly. When we shift this focus to incorporating and layering more healthy habits and foods, your feelings of success happen more quickly and lead you to being more motivated to continue on for the rest of your life.

What are some books you recommend?

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck, Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson