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  • Sleep
  • Computer
  • Music


  • Heart Rate
  • Blood Pressure
  • Cholesterol (coming soon)


  • Bodyweight
  • Bodyfat %
  • Meals (coming soon)
  • Blood levels (coming soon)


  • Daily Steps
  • Running
  • Biking
  • Workouts


  • Places visited
  • Transportation
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Exclusive Pro Feature

Gyroscope Pro includes special themes like this one, the ability to set a custom domain, and many other special features.

Brain Activity

See the overview of mental activity, balancing sleep with work, play and overall productivity.


Rescuetime — a program that runs on your computer & passively tracks of productivity and app usage.

Sleep Tracking — We support many of the most popular sleep trackers, hardware and software, through our Healthkit app.

Heart Activity

Keep your heart healthy and keep track of your recent activity. Resting heart rate is a good measure of general fitness, and heart rate during workouts show intensity.

For those who want to keep a closer eye on their cardiovascular health, we also integrate with Withing's bluetooth blood pressure monitor. We'll soon be adding other related data, like cholesterol levels.

Suggested Devices

We load heart rate data from the Fitbit Charge HR, Fitbit Surge, and Apple Watch. We recommend wearing them continuously, especially when sleeping, for the best data quality.

Core Status

Helix gives you easy access to your weight and other vitals. You can manually import weight, but we recommend using a wifi scale for the most detailed data.

We build a beautiful graph of your weight changes, so you can easily keep track of whether you're hitting your goals. Bodyweight doesn't tell the whole story, so we also support bodyfat percent. We will soon be adding more food and nutrient based stats in addition to weight.

Suggested Devices

We highly recommend the Fitbit Aria scale. It is a magical experience to check your weight and instantly see it updated on the website. We also integrate with the Withings Wifi scales.

Fitness History

Keep track of your steps and other physical activity. See your latest stats, and a monthly overview to make sure you are hitting your intended goals.

How it works

We load steps from a variety of sources, including Fitbit, Apple Watch, Moves & Jawbone. Even if you don't have any fitness trackers, our iPhone app will be enough to get started.

We also show when you did other physical activity, like running, cycling, or going to the gym (via checkins).

Location Tracking

The places you visit add a lot of context to the other data points we collect. We can correlate that your heart rate was high while you were at the gym, or deduce that you ate sushi 5 times this week based on the types of places you visited.

See a map of everywhere you visited each month, and an overview of how you traveled around town.


Moves — a program that automatically tracks your location in the background.

Foursquare — use their Swarm app to check in to each place you visit for it to show up on Gyroscope.

Powered by

Gyroscope App

Our new iPhone app automatically syncs data from Healthkit like steps, heart rate, sleep and workouts.

Other recommended devices

Fitbit Scale

Automatically checks your weight & bodyfat & syncs it to Gyroscope. Highly recommended!

Fitbit HR

Use a Fitbit Surge or Fitbit Charge HR to track your heart rate and steps. Sleep support coming soon!

Apple Watch

We integrate with Healthkit to automatically get your heart rate, steps and other health data.


We integrate with the Sense sleep tracker by Hello, through our Healthkit integration.


We integrate with the Withings blood pressure monitor to easily keep track of your cardio health.

Ready to try it out?

This feature is part of Gyroscope Pro!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have any wearables?

That is fine, you can still use many of the features! Besides the detailed heart rate tracking, most of our data is actually powered by free apps that run on your phone and computer. Even better, they only take a few minutes to install & set up.

A combination of our Healthkit app on your phone, Rescuetime on your computer, and the Moves app will get you 75% of the data needed.

Will others be able to see my data?

By default, Gyroscope accounts are 100% private and only you can see your data. If you want others to have access, you can add them as a friend on Gyroscope and they'll also be able to see your whole profile.

If you want sharing to be even more effortless and transparent, you can make your account public in account settings.

Does this work with the Sense sleep tracker?

Yes, through our Healthkit integration. You will need to enable the "Sync with Health" setting in the Sense app settings, and set up our new Health app to sync Healthkit data to Gyroscope.

We support a wide variety of other devices and apps—as long as they share the sleep or heart rate info to Healthkit, our iPhone app will sync it to Gyroscope.

I don't want people to see my locations / I only want to share my running

We have a Pro feature called Vault which will let you hide your locations, weight or age from everyone else.

To allow more granular and curated sharing of data, we've been working on our new iPhone apps, which allow you to save and share specific cards highlighting different aspects of your data.

How often does it update?

It depends on the datapoint and service, but between every few minutes to every few hours. Occasionally things can get delayed and take a few hours to show up.

Your data won't change in realtime, but we will usually have a recent measurement. Some things require a manual sync — like Fitbit, some sleep trackers, etc. and others like Healthkit require your phone to be unlocked and running, so there may be some manual intervention needed to keep things updated. However, our goal is to keep things as passive and automated as possible.

Please note that Moves app needs locations to be properly identified before they will show up.