Tracking your weight

We recommend using a wifi scale

Data Sources

There are a few possible sources for weight data. Our recommendation is the Fitbit Aria scale, which tracks not only bodyweight but provides a pretty accurate estimate of bodyfat. Make sure you use the scale without socks or shoes, or the bodyfat part won’t work.

Other supported sources are wifi scales from Withings. For manual entry, you can also enter your weight into Healthkit and our app will sync them to Gyroscope.

We highly recommend keeping the scale in your bathroom and weighing yourself daily. It just takes a few seconds but provides really useful data and lets you see long term changes.

Where to see your weight

There are a few different ways to interact with this data once you’ve got it hooked up.

Sidebar of Sport

The Helix theme goes a bit more in depth, showing your latest bodyfat and bodyweight in addition to graphs over time.

Since awareness is very important, the iPhone app shows your latest weight on the main screen, alongside your other stats from the day. Even if you didn’t check it that day, the most recent value will still show as a reminder.

The iPhone app will show the latest day’s value. Going into the section will show recent graphs, so you can see your progress and save an image to share.

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