Jolene Dahl Mielke

Jolene is a former collegiate gymnast. She is a Registered Nurse, certified Crossfit coach and nutrition coach

Meet Jolene

I have always had an interest in health and wellness. I became a registered nurse because I wanted to help people. Before becoming a RN I studied nutrition in college. I made the choice to return to nutrition because I believe so many health issues are due to poor nutrition. I want to educate people on health and wellness.

Outside Gyroscope

I love spending time with my husband and kids. We enjoy traveling and exploring new places.


California, USA

What is your favorite kind of workout?

Crossfit: I love how it combines weight lifting, body weight exercises and different types of cardio.

What is your main focus?

I love to work with people to improve their nutrition, fitness and overall health. I love helping people make healthy habit changes that become life long habits. My goal is to help people live a healthy lifestyle for overall wellness and longevity.

How did you get interested in health?

I first became interested in health being a gymnast. We saw a sports nutritionist and I realized how important healthy eating was. Also being a registered nurse I realize how much medication is used to combat chronic diseases. If people were given more nutrition education and get to the root cause of the problem less medication would be needed.

What was one of the biggest health changes you’ve made?

The biggest health changes that I made was increasing healthy fats and decreasing sugar and refined carbohydrates. I also started intermittent fasting which made a big difference in the way I think about food and how it nourishes by body.

What do you think most people should do differently to be more healthy?

I believe people should eat more real whole foods. Cutting out processed foods and sugar makes a big differences in someones health. I also highly recommend intermittent fasting or timed eating.

What are some books you recommend?

Health wise I love the book Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung and Eat Fat Get Thin by Dr. Mark Hyman.