Miriam Moras

Miriam is a certified nutritionist and coach who loves to make education in nutrition easy and accessible, while promoting mindfulness and health awareness for long-term healthy lifestyles.

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Meet Miriam

I understand health as the balance between all the aspects of our lives, physical conditions, and emotional wellbeing. Learning about how the body works, the nutrition it needs, and developing awareness for better self-understanding, are all important for a healthy and fulfilling life. I adapt my approach to each person’s needs. I focus on sharing nutrition knowledge, recipes and food preparation ideas, as well as give guidance to help question assumptions and factors that are limiting you from being both healthier and happier.

Outside Gyroscope

Besides nutrition and health, I also love art, specially painting, sharing time with family and friends, creating new recipes, walking outdoors and hiking, exploring places, traveling, roaming in Asian food markets (I live in Thailand, a food paradise land), and looking at sunsets! I was born in Spain but have since lived in seven other countries, finally settling in Asia!



What is your favorite kind of workout?

Yoga, dancing and gentle outdoor cycling

What is your main focus?

My approach is to work for long-term, balanced, and sustainable lifestyle changes instead of quick fixes or extreme solutions. To provide education so everyone can have better criteria to make their choices and to always adapt to each person’s context and needs. I’m also specialised in food intolerances, gut health, and immunity.

How did you get interested in health?

My health journey started as a teenager from an autoimmune condition, which causes fatigue and joint pain. Health became a priority and it was possible to relieve all symptoms by adapting my diet and lifestyle. I’ve been fascinated by nutrition and the body ever since and devoted myself to share this passion to help others in their journey. I am certified in Nutrition and Fitness Nutrition by ISSA (International Sports Science Association), in Advanced Nutrition by Hong Kong University (HKUSpace), and created the book series "Food Wisdom" to explain nutrition principles in simple words.

What was one of the biggest health changes you’ve made?

My biggest health change was to adapt my diet for an autoimmune condition as a teenager, which required a slow long process of food elimination to find out what triggered flare-ups, all while striving for a balanced diet and lifestyle. Since then, I encourage everyone who doesn’t feel well to not just accept it as the normal state!

What do you think most people should do differently to be more healthy?

Eat more fresh and unprocessed foods, the more local and seasonal products the better, more veggies, less sugar, more water. Include stretching and gentle moving as organic habits, and laugh more!

What are some books you recommend?

"Real Food" by Nina Planck, "Prescription for Natural Healing" by Phyllis A. Balch, "The Art Spirit" by Henri Robert