Nia Carrillo

Nia is a degreed Holistic Nutritionist with a specialization in mindful eating and emotional healing. She holds her M.S. in Nutrition as well as certifications in breathwork, reiki, yoga, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

Meet Nia

My passion lies in helping others overcome emotional eating, diets, & food guilt. You can expect my approach to result in you creating a more plant-based diet (not vegan) along with the inclusion of mindfulness using meditation, breathwork, and emotional healing tools to create a true mind-body transformation!.

Outside Gyroscope

When I'm not working, I'm a huge spiritual/energy healing geek. I love learning more about the science and the "magic" of alternative healing modalities. I spend a lot of time reading books, taking classes, or going to workshops on this topic. I also enjoy traveling with my husband and spending time with our two fur babies, Doug and Boots.

What is your favorite kind of workout?

A hybrid yoga + pilates class!

What is your main focus?

If you feel like you are constantly yo-yo dieting and are lethargic and bloated because of it, we would be a great fit. I specialize in Mindful & Plant-Based Eating to so that you can reduce inflammation and live with food freedom.

How did you get interested in health?

As a teenager, I lost 85 pounds. It was a big accomplishment except I got tired of dieting. That's when I discovered the practice of mindful eating and my life changed. Finding food freedom freed up so much mental space that I began to realize I was no longer inspired by my corporate career. So at 25 I quit my job, and started my journey into exploring holistic health, beginning with yoga and then returning to school for my Master's in Nutrition. From there, the practice of coaching became a natural career shift!

What was one of the biggest health changes you’ve made?

Losing 85 pounds was a huge change, but the biggest health change I have made is learning to heal my relationship to food! I don't diet and I am the most confident and most fit I've ever been.

What do you think most people should do differently to be more healthy?

Many people don't realize that it isn't food and their "lack of willpower" holding them back, but rather their subconscious thoughts. Proper nutrition and exercise are important to leading a healthy lifestyle, but their only "one leg" of the tripod. Our spirit and mind must be accounted for as well. That's why incorporating mindfulness and healing our emotions is important piece.

What are some books you recommend?

A Course in Weight Loss by Marianne Williamson, You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero , Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, The Archetype Diet by Dana James