Ollie Thompson

Ollie is a strength, movement and nutrition coach with a passion for helping people explore their untapped potential.

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Meet Ollie

My approach to long-term health focuses on mobility as much as muscle, while developing a positive mindset and healthy relationship with food. When it comes to training, I'm a big believer in "less is more" and am a certified Dragon Door Progressive Calisthenics (bodyweight training) coach, specialising in developing strength and muscle with minimal - if any - equipment. I'm also an Animal Flow instructor, a movement system that develops mobility, strength, endurance and motor skills through the practice of fun but challenging "flows" using nothing but your bodyweight for resistance. No fad diets or restricted foods either, just the freedom to make life long gains with sustainable habits and as much or as little equipment you have at your disposal.

Outside Gyroscope

When not working or training I love reading, cooking, movies, music and to be outdoors as much as possible. Travelling and experiencing other cultures or a simple barbecue with friends and family on a sunny day make me a happy man.

What is your favorite kind of workout?

Progressive Calisthenics (bodyweight training) and Animal Flow. The freedom to workout anywhere and the mental and physical skills this style of training develops have me well and truly hooked.

What is your main focus?

My specialist areas are calisthenics (progressive bodyweight training) and Animal Flow. With the right guidance and creativity, the world truly is your gym. But first and foremost I’m a strength coach, and I cut my coaching teeth in fully equipped gyms and the fantastic facilities they offer. In its simplest form, Animal Flow is a fun way to warm up and build mobility with primal movements that bring an element of “play” back into your training. Or you can take it further and find new ways to connect with your body and breath by learning challenging sequences that combine a variety of movements into continuous flows. My approach to nutrition is one of sustainability and balance. Whilst I believe rigorously tracking food and nutrient intake is a beneficial practice to develop an understanding of the food we consume, longer term I help people move towards a more intuitive approach. I’m also a huge proponent of meditation and mindfulness and help people implement this into their routine if they're interested and able.

How did you get interested in health?

Before I entered the fitness industry I lived a busy decade of sales, business travel and a brief stint in the music industry. I'd always worked out, but without consistency or direction. Stress levels were high, with nutrition influenced by business dinners and food on-the-go. A variety of circumstances led to me taking control and turning things around, learning that you can - and should - always make time to make positive change. Fast forward through a lot of study and decisions, I left my old life behind to help empower others to take control of theirs.

What was one of the biggest health changes you’ve made?

Aside from the above, implementing mindfulness into my daily routine was a game changer

What do you think most people should do differently to be more healthy?

Get a better nights sleep. The power of a good nights sleep is huge. This is something I like to pay attention to and Gyroscope is fantastic for this.

What are some books you recommend?

Gut by Guila Enders, Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris, The Subtle Art of not Giving a **** by Mark Manson