Gyroscope Places

Transfer your Moves data before they shut down!

Back up your Moves history

Sad that Facebook is shutting down the Moves app and deleting everyone’s data?

Don’t worry, we have a new Moves app alternative called Gyroscope Places, and also a full data importer tool so you can back up your old history and then continue tracking where you left off.

How to copy your backup to Gyroscope

  • Go to the Moves site to download your export file, before they delete it!
  • View this page ( on your computer
  • Import your Moves data file to Gyroscope from the importer page
  • Set up the new Gyroscope Places to continue tracking in the future
  • Get advanced analytics for all the years of data you've been tracking


Do I need to import my data?

If you set up the Moves integration before the shutdown, we probably already imported the data for you. Check your Gyroscope history and older reports to confirm.

For new or recent signups, the API will not work so you will want to export your data from Moves and do an import now.

When is Moves shutting down?

Moves is shutting down on July 31. You will need to export your data from them before then.

Can I do this on my phone?

You will need to be on your computer to download the Moves export file and to drag it into the Gyroscope importer. We recommend using Google Chrome for the processing. Once the import is done, you will be able to view the data on all platforms including the app.