Rede Frisby

Rede is an experienced coach and successful drug-free natural bodybuilder. He specializes in fat loss, body recomposition, injury rehabilitation, and physique sport preparation. He excels at using a mixture of nutritional and exercise prescriptions among other strategies to help his clients achieve success.

Meet Rede

I am a Kiwi from New Zealand with a Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Medicine and a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation with distinction. I have accumulated over 20yrs+ industry and training related experience – some highlights that include tutoring health sciences to undergrad degree students, running my own personal training businesses and working for several of the best online companies that are coaching strength and physique athletes in the world right now! I believe to have success, you need to work with those that have had success or experience. I am extremely passionate about helping others achieve personal potential and finding their optimized self. In the early part of 2019, disillusioned with my life, I left my home city of almost 38 years and began my first ever major overseas travel experience with my partner throughout Australia and Canada. This inspired me to become a ‘digital nomad’ so that I could to continue my travels and use these experiences to develop a more optimized self.

Outside Gyroscope

Wherever in the world we may be, you can be pretty sure that it’ll involve exploring the outdoors via surfing, hiking, snowboarding, mountainbiking or geocaching; checking into random gyms to lift weights; yoga-ing it up on a beautiful beach; meditating from a picturesque mountainside; or simply experiencing yummy local cuisine and sampling the best local (craft) beers.

What is your favorite kind of workout?

My favorite workout is dependent on the context of the goal at the time and can range from anything restorative in nature like meditation or yoga to traditional gym-based resistance training where I am feeling extended but not destroyed, focusing on effective reps and movements that carry over into my surfing and other activities I enjoy.

What is your main focus?

In respect to exercise – I like showing that doing less can often actually be worth far more, when things are organised efficiently. Having been on the rough end of fat loss / food behaviours / body image myself – I like to help people with these aspects. As a former high-level competitive athlete – I can also coach to these types of goals and provide the guidance to look beyond after they have been achieved.

How did you get interested in health?

Initially I was most interested in health for my own personal athletic performance. That evolved into helping others through my own personal experiments and lessons I’ve learned. I like to sometimes say – “I’ve learnt from my own f@$kups so others don’t have to”… but in all seriousness, I believe you need to have arrived at a greater point of understanding in some way to better allow you to help others who may be working through similar experiences.

What was one of the biggest health changes you’ve made?

Learning to be able to step back from a competitive standpoint (think very specifically-focused) to embrace a more balanced health mindset. I now desire to have a greater capacity to be more adaptable to life’s varying challenges and enjoy experiencing things more fully in their entirety.

What do you think most people should do differently to be more healthy?

People need to figure out what small lifestyle changes or habits will give them the greatest return on results. In practice I can say that having good sleep hygiene practices and being sure to incorporate plenty of activities of daily living in one’s life, soon add up to a big positive on the balance sheet.

What are some books you recommend?

“Pipe Dreams, a surfer’s journey” by Kelly Slater.