2016 Annual Report Book 📚

Hardcover & custom made with your 2016 data!

Get a custom printed book of your annual report

The Gyroscope Annual Report is available online and in the iPhone app, but this year—inspired by the Feltron Annual Report—we’ll also be offering a limited edition print of your 2016 history.

Each book is 64 pages, hand-designed and custom printed just for you using your data from 2016. We’re accepting preorders now from Pro members.

Due to how manual and time-consuming the process is, this is a limited edition of 200. Each one is unique to your data, and before it is produced you’ll have the opportunity to clean up data and tell us if there are any significant days or parts of your life you'd like us to highlight while building yours.

If you just recently started using Gyroscope and don’t have enough data for 2016, now is a good time to get started and make sure you build up a great history for your 2017 book.

Showcase your travels

Durable hardcover binding

See your fitness history

Analyze your digital activity & productive time

Photos and maps of your life

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