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What is Gyroscope?

Gyroscope is a dashboard to help you track and improve everything about your life. It is powered by data from your phone, wearables and other connected accounts, so you rarely have to manually enter data.

Depending on what you connect, Gyroscope can show things like daily steps, weight graphs, the places you've been to, your physical activity, running history, photos on social media, and much more. By default, all the data connected is private and only viewable by you. Through a variety of different themes, data sources and privacy settings, we hope to create a safe and comfortable environment for everyone.

Gyroscope is available on multiple platforms: the website, the iPhone and Android mobile apps, and the Chrome extension..

Gyroscope is operated a free service, with Gyroscope Pro as a paid subscription to enable all of the features. We don’t show ads on Gyroscope, nor will we ever sell your data. Our objective is to help you use your data to live a healthier and happier life, and these incentives are aligned when you’re paying a monthly subscription. See some examples of how real people use Gyroscope or learn more about how Gyroscope originally started.

Registering for Gyroscope

Gyroscope members must be over 13, and can only have one account on the service. You must use your real name and enter all your information accurately during the signup process. We may delete accounts which we feel are inappropriate, abusing the service, duplicates, or that are empty and requested to be deleted by the owner.

We work very hard to make sure your data syncs quickly and accurately, and will reliably stored to always be available in the future as we build the complete history of your life. However, we can make no guarantees about the uptime, availability, accuracy, quality, or long-term storage of your information.

Facebook Login

Facebook login is the easiest way to create and log back in to your Gyroscope account. If you have a Facebook account, you must use Facebook to log in. Using Facebook gives you access to certain features like music integration, which are not otherwise available. Facebook login is also the only method that supports forgotten password and 2-factor auth.

Through the connected Facebook account, we automatically load your profile photo, cover photo, date of birth, email address and time zone. When you sign in for the first time, you can just get started instead of wasting time setting up these basic things. We also load your list of friends to help you easily find them on Gyroscope and start building your leaderboard. Facebook does NOT get access to the information you put into Gyroscope (like steps, weight, etc.) — we only using them as a way to log you into your Gyroscope account.

Even if you don't trust Facebook, using Facebook to log in to Gyroscope is the ideal solution. Using Facebook login does not give Facebook access to the information you've stored in Gyroscope.

Email Login

For those who don't have Facebook accounts, an alternate option is to sign up with an email address and password. This should only be used if you legitimately don't have a Facebook account, and not just because you don't feel like doing Facebook login. Integrations can only be added to a single account, so creating multiple accounts will break all of them.

if you absolutely must use email login, be sure to store your credentials in a service like 1password. Email accounts do not have a forgotten password feature. If the password is forgotten, access cannot be recovered, and we won't be able to delete the account either.

If you created an account and then later wish to have it removed, first delete all your integrations from settings (which will delete all your data) and then contact us with your username and email and we can manually remove it for you. Manually deleting empty accounts is a time consuming process, so we generally do it once a month. Accounts that still have integrations syncing will not be deleted.

In App Purchases with mobile app

Gyroscope Pro can be purchased directly with card on the website, or subscribed through the iPhone and Android apps.

You can do monthly or yearly subscription, and the exact price will depend on your App Store region—since the prices are converted to local currency in different places. In the US, the price is $9.99/month or $69.99/year with the annual discount

Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period.

Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase.

Connected Sources

Gyroscope tracks some basic stats like steps and sleep, but it is mostly powered by the other services and devices you connect to it. We have many integrations and are constantly adding more. The more services you connect, the more data we can have about you and the more useful your dashboard will be.

Each type of account has different content and various amounts of personally-identifiable information, so you may be comfortable with connecting some and not others. For example, you might be comfortable connecting your public photos from Instagram, but not the locations you've been to on Foursquare.

We use our access to your accounts only to load the information we need, never to write or modify your data in any way. In most cases, we only ask for read-only access.

We load data once when your account is first connected, and then periodically to keep your account up to date. When you disconnect an account, we also delete all of the associated data that was imported from that account.

The following are some of the commonly used services we integrate with, and the data that can come from it:

Runkeeper, Strava, Moves

Runs, swims, walks, biking and other types of physical activity. The details we get include the start time, duration, pace, calories, etc. If available, we also load the latitude/longitude coordinates to plot it on a map. We also load your heart rate information if available.


We sync with Withings to retreive bodyweight measurements taken with their wireless scales. We also load blood pressure and heart rates. If you use the Withings sleep tracker, we also load your sleep data.

Moves, Fitbit, Apple Health

We load your count of daily steps, and how far you ran, walked or climbed stairs.


From the iPhone app, we load various data-points from HealthKit during the initial install, and keep them synced occasionally throughout the day. When installing the app, you will be able to choose which data types you want to sync. The possible options include: steps, workouts, sleep, heart rate, weight, bodyfat percentage, blood pressure, blood glucose, and menstrual cycles. Pro users can also use details like calories, carbs/protein/fat intake, mindfulness time, and more that is available in HealthKit.

Moves, Foursquare

We load a list of the places you've been to. From Moves, these contain Foursquare locations and the start and end times. From Foursquare, these consist of checkins at a point in time. These can contain latitude/longitude coordinates and addresses of locations. If both Moves and Foursquare are connected at the same time, we prioritize the data from Moves because it has more details about the time spent—for example that you were at a restaurant for an hour and a half, rather than just that you were there at a specific time of day.


We use RescueTime to calculate your productivity for each day and show your top apps and websites. We load an hourly list of what apps and websites you used. Pages visited in incognito mode are not tracked by RescueTime and not loaded by us. We understand that this data is potentially very sensitive, and only show basic averages of productivity and not individual websites or applications.


We connect to Twitter to load your latest shared photos. We look at the favorite counts to feature the top photos you've shared on Twitter. We get read-only access and never will write to your Twitter—we only use it to get your latest shared content.

Google Fit

Especially for users on the Android platform, we use Google Fit to load stats like step counts and heart rate.


Similar to Twitter, we connect to Instagram to load all of the photos you have posted. This happens whether or not the Instagram account was set to private, so if you don't want to load your Instagram photos it is recommended to not connect your account.


GitHub integration was only available for early users and has now been discontinued. We only use GitHub to load metadata to figure out your productivity. We never load or analyze any of your code or the contents of files. We look at commit messages, addition/deletion counts and timestamps to plot them in your timeline. Only you can see your commit messages, anyone else can only see a count of the lines added and the time. We also analyze filenames to figure out what languages you were working in. We have discontinued the GitHub integration for new users, because the permissions


Pro members can upload an export of their 23&me data, and we will load relevant reports to show in the Vault. These include stats like your muscle fiber composition, lactose intolerance, and other simple traits. The raw data is stored for further analysis and correlation, and tailoring your Gyroscope experience in the future. Once you have added the DNA integration, you can always delete it through the website later. The DNA stats are only accessible by you in the Vault, and not shared with friends or visible on your profile.

Manually entered data

In addition to the integrations, some info can be manually entered into Gyroscope, especially things that are difficult to track elsewhere.

Pro members can take a simple quiz in the app to track their mood, and also manually enter other details like sickness symptoms, injuries, blood sugar measurements or other blood level tracking. These are only for your own easy reference, and potential corellations in the future, and should not be considered medical data.

Gyroscope cannot provide any medical recommendations or analysis of your medical data, and you should always consult with your doctor before making any changes to your behavior or following anything that the app may suggest.

Data stored in the Vault will remain private and not be revealed to any friends. However, it may be used to find correlations or for large-scale studies in aggregate across the platform — ie. researching why users get sick or how to prevent injuries.


Cards from the mobile app can be added to your account via the Highlights feature.

Cards that are saved to your highlights are part of your profile and can be viewed in the app, and by your friends. An image an be removed right after it is added, or at any time later with the delete button in your highlights tab.

Cards from all your friends can be aggregated and shown in a feed, for motivating your friends and allowing liking/commenting.


We offer free and paid accounts. Those who upgrade to Gyroscope Pro will be charged a monthly or annual fee, depending on the plan selected.

Through the website, you can upgrade with Stripe Checkout. In the app, you can upgrade with In App Purchase. You get the same features, on all platforms, but are just charged in different ways.

Upgrades done on the website use Stripe to store credit cards and do reurring billing. Credit card details are stored entirely by Stripe and not by Gyroscope. We only store a token linked to that credit card, and none of your actual credit card information. If you subscribed with Stripe and entered your credit card, you can manage your subscription or edit your card information from the billing page

Subscriptions through iTunes can be managed through your Apple ID Learn more about iTunes subscriptions.

Subscriptions through the Google Play Store can be managed in the Google Play Store settings.

Amazon Affiliate Program

We recommend the best hardware to use with Gyroscope, and provide some links to purchase them on Amazon. Gyroscope is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Who can see your content?

By default, your account is set to private and you are the only one who can see your profile. Everyone else will see a screen with your profile photo, name, and the fact that your account is private and you must be friends to view the page.

There are two visibility options: Friends Only or Public.

The default is Friends Only, and by default there are no friends until you accept some requests or add people, so your account starts off as completely private.

If you people add you as a friend (and you accept), or you request that someone be your friend, they will be able to see your profile and all your weekly reports.

Some people may choose to make their page public and easily share it with everyone. We have designed Gyroscope with this in mind, to show who you are without revealing anything extremely secret. Public profiles can be viewed by anyone, and may occasionally be featured on our homepage and other parts of Gyroscope.

Gyroscope staff can also view your profile for testing or support purposes, but will never share anything not made public.

We only use your data to power your profile page, and will never share or sell your details to any 3rd parties.

Data in your account can also be used to order print goods like posters and books for your own personal usage.

Hiding options

If you don’t want a constant reminder of your age or weight, you can choose to hide them from settings. That will put them "out of sight & out of mind" but isn't intended to make them completely inaccessible.

The Vault

A Pro feature called the Vault gives you additional granularity over what gets shared. For example, you can add friends but move your locations or weight to the Vault if you don’t want them to be able to see it. Otherwise by default, adding friends will let them see the same view of your profile as yourself.

When to hide vs put something in the vault? It depends whether you want to hide it from everyone including yourself, or just from others but keep access to it yourself. The Vault also allows hiding for extra data-types like location and computer usage.

Groups & Companies

In addition to groups, users can join groups or companies on Gyroscope. This will give other members access to certain details from your account—including things like your steps or recent workouts. Information stored in the Vault or set to be hidden will still be kept private from other members.

Analysis & Aggregation

We primarily use the data synced to Gyroscope to show you a dashboard and build your profile with as many relevant details as possible. The visibility of this info is controlled by your settings and who you've added as friends.

Secondarily, we may use aggregates of all the information stored on Gyroscope to develop better features, train machine learning models, or do research which we believe will benefit all our users. These may include looking for overall trends—like our blog post on how Pokemon Go affected average step counts for Gyroscope members—or developing new features, like Sleep AI, which benefits from improved accuracy as more people track their sleep on the platform.

Analytics Tools

We use some few 3rd party services for analytics and error tracking on the Gyroscope platform. They are extremely secure and used by most of the top internet companies. These services include, Google Analytics, MixPanel, New Relic, Fabric & Sentry.

Deleting data

If you are worried about others seeing your data, you can keep your account private (the default setting) or remove any friends you have added — and no one will be able to see any of your stuff.

Disconnecting an integration from settings will delete all of the data loaded from that account. It may take a few minutes to an hour to finish the delete, depending on how much stuff needs to be removed. For example, if you wanted to remove all photos on your profile, you could disconnect your Instagram and Twitter from the settings page. If at first it doesn't work, it is in progress and you can check back later to confirm that it has been fully removed.

If you signed up by mistake or change your mind about having a Gyroscope account, once you have already removed all of your integrations, you can delete your empty account by submitting the form at - Please note that deletions are permanent and we cannot do anything to restore the account once it is done. If you upgraded, make sure to cancel the subscription before deleting your account or you may continue to be billed.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at