Team Wellness

The people on your team are the most important part of your company. Use Gyroscope to keep everyone healthy, with personal access to coaching features and a company health dashboard.

The Team Wellness program will get everyone on your team set up on Gyroscope to prevent stress, fatigue, burnout, bodyfat gain, and other common health issues that often come from working at home.

Get the leaderboard in your Slack channel

For many companies, the Slack channel is HQ. The Gyroscope Slackbot makes sure everyone stays aware of their stats without any extra effort!

Top performers can easily show off their activity to keep everyone motivated and work together as a team.

    Slack Commands

  • /leaderboardReturns the top steps for the day to see latest stats
  • workoutsRunning or other workouts (from Apple Health) will be auto shared!
  • 5:00 pmAuto posts the day’s progress, letting people see the leaderboard
“I find Gyroscope quite motivating. I open it first thing every morning and regularly open it over the course of the day to see how I'm performing and to check in on friends/co-workers.”
DonovanUser Experience Researcherat AnswerLab
“Beautiful application that helps foster competition and participation from all friends. Cross platform tracking is my favorite thing about this.”


Product Managerat Netflix

A dashboard for your entire team’s health

Create the ideal balance between work & health. The company dashboard is an extension of Gyroscope to show your team’s overall stats in fun ways, being useful while still maintaining everyone’s privacy.

Public metrics like steps are shared with the group, while more personal metrics like weight, bodyfat, mood, DNA, or location, are only used for your personal usage and insights, but never shared with coworkers.

In company dashboard

  • Steps
  • Runs
  • Gym
  • Heart
  • Work
  • Cards

For Personal Usage Only

  • Sleep
  • Mood
  • DNA
  • Travels
  • Weight
  • Glucose
“I love seeing the workouts and the week view and the month view — I think a lot of our employees feel that way about it.”


Presidentat Stem
“I've used a number of trackers and fitness tools, so far this aggregator does the best job of pulling tools into one place. The desktop dashboard in particular is really motivating.”

Gyroscope user

at AnswerLab

See your stats on the big screen at the office

Whether at an office or working from home, you can put the bigscreen view up on a monitor, TV or iPad to see how everyone’s doing. Competition can be a big motivator, especially knowing that a workout or high activity levels will be seen by others.

Personalize your lobby with a screen that is always up to date with the latest stats. The team dashboard includes a special TV view for putting in your offices, just connect a computer or AirPlay to it.

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