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Frequently asked questions

Will everyone else be able to see my data?

No. Gyroscope accounts are completely private by default, so only you'll be able to view your profile. However, there are a few optional ways to open your profile to share.

One way is to add friends on Gyroscope. Friends give each other full access to view their profiles—so you should only add people you trust.

Another other option is to go to settings and set your account to be public instead of friends only. It makes it really easy and convenient to share, since anyone in the world will be able to see it. Some people enjoy the transparency and accountability this creates, while other people would rather keep their data more private. It is up to you!

If you create or join a group, that type of data will be shared with the members. For example, if you join a running group, the other members could see your latest runs, but nothing else (like your weight). If you set up a weight loss group, then that info would be shared instead.

The final and most granular way to share is by manually exporting images from the iPhone app. This gives you the ultimate control over not only what data someone sees, but the exact presentation. Only images you’ve specifically shared or saved and sent to someone would make it out into the world.

What hardware do you recommend?

If you are just starting out and want to have the ultimate experience, we recommend the Fitbit Charge HR and a Fitbit Aria scale. Only a little over $100 each, you will get detailed stats for your steps, heart rate, weight and bodyfat. Then you can use our Helix Theme to manage all that info.

The Apple Watch also works well for tracking heart rate, though it is more expensive. If you just want detailed health monitoring for the lowest price, the Fitbit may be better. If the other apps & features appeal to you, the Apple Watch may be worth it. Since it is something you’ll be wearing 24/7, your personal style is also an important factor.

Both are well supported by Gyroscope & we use them regularly to make sure everything works well.

What apps should I be using?

The top two data sources we recommend everyone set up are RescueTime & Moves. They provide a ton of data that we rely on for many features across the site.

We have more integrations depending on what you are interested in. If you are a runner, we suggest you use Strava. If you want to lose weight, we recommend a Fitbit scale.

What if I don't have any wearables?

Many of the Gyroscope features can be set up and used without any special devices. Even without devices like heart rate monitors or wifi scales, there are lots of things you can track and improve about your life, just with free apps on your phone.

If you use a computer, you can install RescueTime and use that to understand all your digital activity. Our Healthkit app will automatically track your daily steps if you have an iPhone. Apps like Strava can also track your other workouts, like running or biking. With Moves, you can track the places you go. If you post photos on Instagram or Twitter, we can use those to quickly create a diary of your life. None of these things need any wearables or extra purchases!

All of these free apps can be set up in just a few minutes if you’re not using them already. Once you've done that, many people like to buy more hardware to get the full experience, but that is not necessary to get started and use most of our features!

Why are my Swarm checkins not showing?

If you're also using Moves, we only use that data instead (because it is more detailed.) Your Foursquare checkins will be therefore be hidden for that day.

Please check in to the same places via Moves for them to show up on Gyroscope. We prioritize Moves over Foursquare because it has much more detail — the duration and time of your visit, which help us make a better timeline, show more analytics about how long you spent at places, etc.

What if I'm not interested in fitness?

That is exactly where Gyroscope can be most useful. Whether you enjoy it or not, keeping your body at least slightly healthy is important for everyone. Almost everyone sleeps, has a heart that they need to take care of, walks at least a few steps a day, uses a computer, and can make use of the many things that we help track and optimize.

We created Gyroscope not for world-class athletes to show off their achievements, but to help ordinary people live a balanced life. Our goal is to keep you healthy with the minimum amount of work and effort. If you love working out and are very active, Gyroscope can be great for capturing that — but if fitness is not a priority then it is arguably even more critical to find that balance.

Can I sign up without Facebook?

Sorry, Facebook is the only login option. We believe it is the most simple and secure method of having an online account.

It vastly simplifies the sign up process from many minutes to just one click. Otherwise, the initial experience would require you to add a photo, tell us your full name, age, email address (which would also need to be verified), time zone, and other info. There are enough account details to set up without spending time on this kind of basic stuff.

Having only one login method keeps the login and signup process as simple as possible. There is no need to try to remember a special password or which social login method you used from a long list. We also want to prevent the possibility of a user accidentally creating multiple accounts and having data inconsistently split across them.

It also allows us to guarantee world-class security without spending tons of time engineering our own 2-factor auth, email verification, device verification, password-reset systems, fraud detection and lots of other stuff that needs to happen behind the scenes.