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“It is like having a whole team of personalized coaches, and is transforming my fitness, nutrition and mental health.”

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Lose bodyfat while keeping your muscle

Almost everything can be accomplished with intelligent and consistent lifestyle changes. First, start taking photos of your food in the app to improve your nutrition. You can also add sleep, workouts, stress and more to make sure you are staying healthy and maintaining your muscle mass.

It’s really that simple. The hard part is just doing the work every day.

In just few weeks time Gyroscope AI coach has already made so many health improvements in my lifestyle, I’d recommend it 1000%–Neel

Oh, Gyroscope... It's not just an app. It's like a guardian angel for my well-being–Andrea

Every morning I'm reviewing my sleep score in Gyroscope. It is very interesting to see how the past day or days translates back into my night's sleep. I have already made several connections between my behavior and the resting heart rate and peak HRV.–Timo

I use several apps to track sleep and recovery .. Gyroscope puts them all in one place to see the big picture–Elaine

The coaches are very insightful and motivating and you can definitely ask very silly questions and bother them a lot more that you would dare with a human coach (since they have more limited availability and patience –Jeremy

It's not just about tracking; it's about understanding and improving. It's more than just an app; it's a comprehensive health coach that fits right in your pocket.–Hans

Living with ADHD comes with its own set of challenges, and Gyroscope has been my reliable companion in navigating them. The app's seamless integration of health tracking elements such as mood, food, steps, activity, sleep, and productivity has been instrumental–Feyo

The insights I get using Gyroscope are priceless. Every day I am able to make more informed decisions that make me a happier and healthier person.–Chris

AI coaches make me feel like I have super powers–Justin

“Truly blown away by the AI. I’m at the point where I’m asking it ever more complicated questions and engaging the AI in conversation and it’s VERY impressive–Joshua

Gyroscope has kept me accountable and helped me get back on ‘the wagon’ when life gets in the way and I fall off it.–Kristine

I’ve been an OG gyroscope user from the beginning, and have definitely seen a large improvement in my health over that time–Andy