Tracking your computer activity

Set up our RescueTime integration to start tracking your productivity

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The iPhone app lets you create various sharable cards from your stats. A few of them are based around your computer time & app usage.

Sharable cards from the iPhone app

Rescuetime Integration

If you want to start getting these stats, just install RescueTime on your computer(s). It is a free app that you can install and find invaluable insights about what you end up doing all day. Once it is set up, it just runs in the background and you don’t need to do anything else.

RescueTime running in the background

You can check whether it is working by looking for the + icon in your dock. Gyroscope's integration will show this data in a few different places. It will update every few hours, so it may take a few hours for your current activity to show up.

What data do we gather?

Most views will show the amount of "productive" and "unproductive" activity throughout the day. We color code these as green and red. What category something ends up in can be edited from your RescueTime account. The defaults are pretty good, but you may want to edit them. We realize this information can be a bit sensitive. We typically only display the basic overviews of time spent, and the few apps you spent most time in.

Where can you see this data?

Weekly Reports

At the end of every week, if there was enough data, there will be a weekly report generated. Among the stats will be your computer time.

Graphs from the weekly report


The default Zero theme will show some stats from the past week in the sidebar. Your latest photos and music history will also be there, if that data is tracked.

Graphs from the weekly report

Mindmap (Pro)

The weekly reports from our iPhone app also feature a mindmap view, which shows an overview of the week.

Mindmap layout from the iPhone app

Helix Theme (Pro)

See computer time spent each day

The Helix theme provides the deepest look into this data. The brain section will show computer activity and other related mental activity, like when you were sleeping, listening to music, etc.

The Helix brain dashboard

Other things to track on Gyroscope