Groups on Gyroscope

Connect & compete with your friends

Groups & friends are part of Gyroscope Multiplayer

Starting a group

When starting a group, you’ll first need to decide what type of group it is. What would everyone like to accomplish or get better at? We want groups to be useful and stay on-topic, so the types are very specific with actionable goals and metrics—run faster, lose weight, be more productive, walk more steps, etc.

How to post messages

Basic messages will be posted automatically to the group when you do activities, depending on the type of group. You can just keep living your life and most of the stuff will happen automatically.

For example, if you go running, it will automatically post how many miles you ran to your running group. In a productivity group, your running would never show but instead it will post the number of hours you were online that day. In a travel group, it will just share your locations—but never your weight or other sensitive info. In a weight loss group, just stepping on your scale would create a post for the other members.

Weekly running awards

Sharing from the Gyroscope app

The Gyroscope has dozens of daily, weekly and monthly reports that you can see about your life — everything from which apps you spent time in to your heart rate while sleeping or a map of everywhere you went last month.

Some cards from the Gyroscope App

Any of those can be shared with a group with just a couple taps. While all of them could be posted to Instagram or Twitter and shared with the world, sometimes they are not that exciting and you might just want to share with a few people.

How to share from the app

How to invite people

When you create a group, you are the only person in it. That’s no fun, so the first step is to get more people involved. Each group has an invite tab with more instructions on how to add people and the link to share.

Groups are private and invite-only, so the only way for people to find them is if you share a link or invite your friends. We didn’t want random people finding and requesting to join groups, so this way even the existence and name of the group is very private.

The invite tab for groups

Just send people a link to the group page and they will be able to request to join. You can even tweet out the link or post on Facebook if you’d like to to make it easy for people to find and join. It’s up to you whether you want to have a group with just a few best friends, or make a big one with everyone you know or your whole company & coworkers, etc.

If your friends have already started groups, you could also ask them for a link to their group to join.

On your dashboard

Once you’re in a few groups, they will show on your main Gyroscope dashboard as well as in the app. When new unread messages or requests come in, they will be highlighted so you can easily see what’s new.

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