Tracking where you go

Setting up passive location tracking

Data Sources

For tracking the places you go, how you travel between them, and where you spend your time, we recommend setting up Moves. Moves is a free app available in the App Store.

It is similar to Foursquare in that you check into places you visit, but provides more detail and can be done at the end of the day. Once you identify places in Moves, they will show up in your Gyroscope timeline and we can start building the complete history of your life.

Though Moves has basic step tracking, that is not its main feature. We have better sources for step counting, but rely on Moves to track the places you’ve been to.

If you are a Swarm user, you can also connect your Foursquare account and we will import your history for the past years.

Identifying Locations

This is a critical step that many people skip. Without identifying the places you visit, we won’t be able to show them in Gyroscope.

(Please note, this feature doesn't work on Moves for Android. It does work on the iOS version, for which the rest of this guide applies...)

By default, Moves will just save a map coordinate of where you were, but no details about the location. With tons of different spots in the same location, it is hard to accurately guess where you were  — so you’ll need to fill that in. It will show grey text and “Unknown Place.” To complete the process, you’ll have to choose the location from a list of nearby spots.

Identifying a restaurant

Identifying Travel

Moves also tracks how you go between places. We have better sources for step counting, but Moves gives us the data needed to make beautiful maps of where you went.

Unknown travel between places can be identified, similar to locations. Basic things like walking or running should be automatically figured out, but other types of transport like taking a train, plane or boat can be manually entered for additional details. By default it will just say "Transport."

Identifying a transport type

Once that is done, we use those stats on Gyroscope across different views.

How do we use this location info?

Your Profile


We use the location data for lots of intelligent guesses. One common use is passive tracking of workouts. If we see you went somewhere that is classified as a gym or fitness centers, we automatically count that time as a workout.

Workouts in the annual report

This kind of gym detection goes well with the automatic step tracking and more manual workout tracking like running or cycling. Foursquare checkins will show similarly, but without the duration info.

Workouts in the sport section

Passive food tracking

Food tracking is a complex & messy problem that we have not yet figured out. However, we are starting by automatically highlighting restaurants.

Automatically detected restaurants

Weekly Reports

At the end of every week, we send an automatic report with an overview of what you did. It combines various data like workouts, steps, computer activity and photos — but the places you go to are the backbone of that info. Places you ate will be highlighted in the timeline for each day.

Yearly Reports (Pro)

The Gyroscope Annual Report comes out every year and has a comprehensive analysis of your year. If you’ve been using Moves all year, you will get a lot of interesting info about where you went.

Overview of 2015

The report includes details about what types of places you spent time in.

Coffee shop analytics

Share from the iPhone app (Pro)

Our new iPhone app lets you see reports of your activity and share the ones you want. This gives you complete control over your privacy & what other people will see.

Sharable cards from the iPhone app


Tracking your locations is especially powerful when traveling. From the app, you can see the map by city, or share the story of a specific week.

Sharable cards from the iPhone app

Other things to track on Gyroscope