Tracking your music on Gyroscope

Record your music listening history and see analytics for all the songs you’ve listened to!

The music integration is part of Gyroscope Pro

We access your music history through Facebook. Setting it up requires sharing your Spotify music listening to Facebook — it should just take a couple clicks.

Connect to Facebook from Spotify Settings

Once your data is going to Facebook, just go to settings and connect your music to Facebook. You’re already logged in with Facebook, but we need additional permissions to access your music listening history.

The settings page — music will be available for Pro users.

Where can you see the music?

Zero Theme

In the default Zero theme, the digital sidebar will show the last few songs you listened to. If you click recent songs, you can see a list with more.

Sidebar of the Digital section

Helix Theme

In the Helix theme, music is more subtle. It will show in the brain section as little blue dots. You’ll be able to see how your productivity and other activity overlaps with listening to music. Often it will be while running or while on the computer.

The small blue dots are music

Annual Reports

At the end of each year, we release an annual report with your activity. If you’ve been using the feature enough, you’ll be able to see what your top albums and songs were for the year.

Music listens from annual report


Most often, the issue is between sharing from Spotify to Facebook. The setting is per-device, so you could have turned it on from your computer but not your phone, for example. You can see if Facebook has recorded any music history by going to your profile > View Activity Log > Music (in sidebar).

Check Facebook to see if your music is showing up

Other apps

Other music apps like Pandora should also have an option to automatically share music to Facebook, which will make those songs show up in Gyroscope.

We believe Spotify is the best way to listen to music. A few people have asked for a integration. It’s not on our roadmap right now, but may be something we add in the future.

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