Tracking your music on Gyroscope

Record your music listening history

Connect to Gyroscope to sync your music history. It supports most popular music listening apps, including Spotify, iTunes and more.

Where can you see the music?

Zero Theme (web)

In the default Zero theme, the digital sidebar will show the last few songs you listened to. If you click recent songs, you can see a list with more.

Sidebar of the Digital section

Helix Theme (web)

In the Helix theme, music is more subtle. It will show in the brain section as little blue dots. You’ll be able to see how your productivity and other activity overlaps with listening to music. Often it will be while running or while on the computer.

The small blue dots are music

In app

Music for the day will show at the bottom of the Helix theme, as well as in the mindmap card.

Annual Reports

At the end of each year, we release an annual report with your activity. If you’ve been using the feature enough, you’ll be able to see what your top albums and songs were for the year.

Music listens from annual report

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