Running with Gyroscope

Collect and share your favorite runs — with maps, photos, heart rate, calories, or donuts.

Data Sources

We integrate with the top running & cycling apps: Runkeeper & Strava. If you don’t currently run with a phone or track your runs, give one of them a shot!

Once they’re synced from one of the apps, your runs will show in various parts of the site, as well as in the iPhone app. The app allows for creating and sharing many different maps and other views of your running.

Running on your profile

Your Gyroscope profile on the website will show the activity for each month, including running & steps. The length of each bar represents distance, and the color is by pace (relative to your fastest & slowest)

Yearly Reports

At the end of the year, if you’ve had more than a few runs, you’ll be able to see a full report of the year. See some samples

Images saved from the app will show in the reports, plus other fun stats like how many donuts of calories you burned.

Get Inspired

We feature some runs that people have shared on the site and in the app. Every day we are impressed and astonished at the amazing things our users are doing. Some are crazy marathons or runs in the cold snow, while many others are just everyday training around the block, which we also appload. See some featured runs

Tell your friends

We appreciate you spreading the word about Gyroscope. To make it easy to get your friends running with you, there is a short url: — which should have all the info about the running app.

We also appreciate you tagging us on Instagram or Twitter when you share. We are @gyroscope_app on both.


Cycling and running work in the same way. Other types of workouts are treated more simply without special maps.


Other activity types

Strava & Runkeeper allow for all kinds of other activities to be tracked — things like hiking, walking or even dancing. That is fantastic, but the only ones we are checking for and syncing are ones that are specifically "running" or "cycling".

Heart rate

These services can also sync heart rate from various other places like Garmin. We do not get those — only the basic map & activity data. For heart rate, please sync through Healthkit or Fitbit — our two supported sources for heart rate data.

Runkeeper Live Running

Another issue sometimes encountered is with Runkeeper’s "Live Run" mode, which unfortunately returns corrupt data which can show as 0.1 mile runs on Gyroscope. We recommend not using that feature.

Other things to track on Gyroscope