Tracking your sleep on Gyroscope

Automatically track your sleep every night to have more energy every day!

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We access your sleep through the Healthkit integration in our iPhone app. Sleep can be entered into Healthkit from many different hardware and software, or manual entry, allowing us to support many of the popular sleep trackers. If you do not have sleep yet, it can be automatically detected by Gyroscope so you can add it the next day.

Some sleep tracking apps that people use are SleepCycle or Sleep++. They allow you to save the data to your phone's Apple Health, which should instantly sync to Gyroscope.

Helix Theme

Most of our sleep analysis can be seen in the Helix theme, under the brain section.

The Helix brain dashboard

Having sleep data also makes other parts of the site more useful. For example, we can highlight when you were sleeping on your heart rate graph. Usually it is clearly much lower. If there were disturbances or you are woken up by the sun at a certain time, that becomes easy to see in the graphs.

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Heart rate tracking

We highly recommend keeping your heart rate monitor on while you sleep. The resting heart rate data from while you sleep is the most relevant. Charging an Apple Watch or Fitbit does not take very long, so it is unnecessary to leave them plugged in all night.

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