Tracking your steps

We support a variety of ways to track your steps

Data Sources

Walking at least 10,000 steps a day is recommended to live a healthy lifestyle. Without tracking it regularly, it is hard to know how you are doing. Fortunately, step tracking has become pretty widespread and is very easy to do without any effort.

We support steps from many sources. Even without any special devices, we can get measurements from our Healthkit app and Moves using just an iPhone. The counts may be on the lower side, since you don’t always have the device on you. Wearables like Fitbit can also sync directly to Gyroscope and help improve the accuracy.

Daily steps alongside other workouts

Multiple sources

A frequent question for people who have multiple sources connected is how to choose which one to use. It isn’t necessary to set it manually, since we simply use the best source for each day — generally the highest amount. That also creates a nice set of fallbacks. If something dies or you forget to wear your Fitbit, you won’t be stuck with 0 steps for the day.

If it seems like things are coming from the wrong place or the numbers are too low, the source you’re expecting may not have synced yet. It is quick to update but not instant. Due to rounding errors and different methods of counting, the numbers may not add up exactly.

With devices like Fitbit and Apple Watch that sync over bluetooth, it is important to open the app on your phone to let them sync. Until then, step counts from alternate sources like Moves may take priority. You may see it switching sources throughout the day as new data comes in — this is normal.

Sharable Cards (Pro)

Our new iPhone app lets you add images to your steps to make unique sharable cards and help you capture important moments from your life. The detailed steps graph comes from our Healthkit integration, if available, as an approximation of when in the day you walked.

Our goal is to make it fun to be active and share that with others. Upload a photo to personalize the moment and add your own creativity.

Helix Theme (Pro)

In the Helix theme, you can see your monthly step trends, alongside other types of workouts and other data like changes in weight for the month. See when you had good streaks and when there were gaps.

Other tips

Fitbit users should make sure "all-day sync" is enabled, which will sync data much more frequently. Gyroscope only gets the updated step counts when the device syncs to the Fitbit app.

Healthkit provides us with step counts from just an iPhone. If for some reason your steps seem to stop syncing, you may want to check that the app still has permission from Health. There are some bugs where upgrading the OS or other major changes can revoke permission that we need.

If your steps seem low, you may just need to wait for them to finish processing. Generally, within a few hours they should be fully up to date. If you keep having issues, please let us know.

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