Tracking gym workouts

Track your gym visits & other workouts

Data Sources

We get running & biking through our integrations with Strava & Runkeeper. But what about other workouts, like going to the gym or yoga?

Workouts in the sport section

Those come automatically from our location tracking. If you go to the gym for an hour and track that visit with Moves, we look at the category of the location and consider it a workout. Places that will be matched include gyms, yoga studios, boxing gyms, personal trainers, cycle studios, etc.

Checking in to the gym with Foursquare will also work similarly, though we don’t get the info about how long you were there.

Places that are miscategorized, or home-gyms, may not show up. An alternate way we can get workouts is by tracking them in Healthkit. Workouts logged with the Apple Watch or other various apps will also be shown. If you do both — log a workout with your watch and also track the location in Moves — they should get merged together.

For more info about tracking locations, see how to set up Moves.

Heart rate tracking

If we have the duration info from Moves, we can analyze your heart rate while at the gym. In the absense of detailed stats like weights lifted or exercises done, heart rate provides at least some info about the intensity and type of workout.

The heart rate for workouts can also be viewed & shared from the iPhone app.

Annual Reports

Once you’ve tracked a few workouts throughout the year, they will get summarized in the annual report’s workout section.

Workouts in the annual report

You’ll be able to see more analytics like when in the day you went, and see an overview of how regular you were.

Moves vs Foursquare

A common issue with workouts is doing Foursquare checkins while also using Moves. Since we prioritize Moves data, the checkins can get hidden and not show. Also identifying the place on Moves should fix this.

The converse can also happen — where both instances show up at slightly different times and you get 2 workouts for the price of one. That is a bit harder to solve, but the simplest solution is to just check in a bit later and not immediately when you arrive, giving Moves some time to catch up.

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