Discover new habits to improve your Health

Did you get a new watch or wearable, and want to start using it to get in shape or live longer? If you get a warning about your resting heart rate, for example, how do you actually change it?

Start using the results from countless studies & experiments to optimize your own body & mind. All the experiments here have been vetted by our coaching team and have researched mechanisms. However, everyone is unique. The important question is will it will work for you? If so, why not make it a habit?

In the Habit Lab, you can browse scientific studies and see reviews from other members. Start a weeklong experiment to understand if a habit improves your own Health Score. Once you find a habit you like and verify it with experiments, you can install it as a lifelong habit to ensure you repeat it daily.

What do you want to improve?

A well designed experiment needs to have clear parameters for success and failure. It is not scientific to try something and just see what happens. With hundreds of metrics being tracked, something is bound to go up or down. It is human nature to incorrectly assume correlations as causation. Following the scientific method can help avoid these types of superstitions and generate more reliable data. Well planned experiment parameters in the labs let us use data correlations for good.

Measuring the impact of a new habit is like playing a game of pool or billiards. You can’t just hit all the balls and hope something goes in. Rather, you must call out which one is going into which pocket, ahead of time, to get credit for it. In this case, the experiments often have understood mechanisms and hypothesized effects. If they work, they should be expected to affect a particular metric significantly. With that in mind, what measure do you want to try improving?

How does it actually work?


Select an experiment

Choose from a curated set of new habits to test for a week. Everything has promising studies, but the question is what will work best for you!


Track your progress

Use wearables and advanced trackers to objectively measures what is changing, plus custom logging and journaling to add your thoughts and details.


Review your results

After a week, see if your Health Scores improve and if the new habit is worth keeping. Add your rating to help the community know what is most effective.

Start your first experiment!