Habit Labs

Did you get a new watch or wearable, and want to use that new data to improve your health? Are you unsure about what is actually good for you with all the conflicting advice out there?

Reading studies or books is a great start, but ultimately you should measure if a change is actually helping you. Now you can use science to optimize your own body & mind, seeing reviews from other members and testing the latest discoveries yourself using your data in Gyroscope.


Select an experiment

Choose from a curated set of new habits to test for a week. Everything has promising studies, but the question is what will work best for you!


Track your progress

Use wearables and advanced trackers to objectively measures what is changing, plus custom logging and journaling to add your thoughts and details.


Review your results

After a week, see if your Health Scores improve and if the new habit is worth keeping. Add your rating to help the community discover the most effective experiments.

Start your first experiment!

Labs are now available for all Gyroscope X and AI members