Gyroscope Pro can help you live a healthier & happier life!

Upgrade to Pro and track more data & see advanced analytics about your life.

Special mobile features

Get more from the app with historical HealthKit sync, advanced layouts, and monthly reports.

“Gyroscope has been a motivator to adopt better habits. The Health Tracking app is key. I now go out for runs and work out more. I watch out my productivity, weight, sleep and time spent at places.” —Sebastian

“The insights I get using Gyroscope are priceless. Every day I am able to make more informed decisions that make me a happier and healthier person.” —Chris

“Gyroscope is the only product that makes tracking my life easy. With a glance I can tell what I'm excelling at, and what I need to work on. I don't go a day without checking the app.” —Brandon

Exclusive Pro Layouts

Your Annual Report

At the end of the year, get a comprehensive annual report of your year. You will not want to miss this! It will take a whole year of hard work & data collection, so every day counts.

Capture every week for the rest of your life

Free members can see the last couple weeks of reports, but Gyroscope Pro gives you access to the complete story of your life.

Easily go back in time to any weekly or yearly report to review your progress or relive your favorite moments.

Ai Sleep Tracking

Don’t have an expensive sleep tracker? No problem. Gyroscope can automatically track your sleep each night to help you always wake up feeling fully refreshed.

Goal Tracking

Don’t just helplessly view your stats. Gyroscope Pro lets you set goals and have complete control over your life.

Have you wanted to add friends on Gyroscope, but hide certain details like your weight or location?

Even if you add friends or make your profile public, your vault will remain 100% private!

DNA Tracking

Pro users can customize their Gyroscope experience for their own genome.

Upload your 23&me data to visualize your chromosomes and tailor your insights.

Helix Theme

See advanced analytics on the website with exclusive Pro themes, like Helix and Seven.

Helix Themed Mobile Layouts

As a college student, maintaining a healthy balance is the key to success. Gyroscope helps me visualize the data in my life so I can balance sleep, fitness, and productivity. Beautiful visualizations and a super useful app! —Victoria

I love how Gyroscope gathers stats from various other services and turns it into a unified experience. As a designer, I care a lot about the aesthetics of everything I post. It makes me want to share my results with the world. —Tatiana

Custom Domain

Turn your Gyroscope Profile into a public website with your own domain name. Domain name registration is not included, though we can help you buy and set up your own .com domain with Gyroscope.

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