Gyroscope is an affordable monthly subscription

Great health for the price of a weekly latte

What do you get?

Places Tracking

Automatic tracking of the places you go in a map of your life

Complete Privacy

We never sell your data. You get full control over who can see it.

Health Score

Get insights from all your data in one easy-to-understand metric

Report Cards

Actionable feedback on how you're doing across your health stats

Infinite Storage

Store all your synced data in your account for reports & analysis

Play with Friends

Compete with you friends in steps leaderboards & challenges

Trends & correlations

All your data in one screen to find changes & correlations

Daily Reports

The daily report shows all your activity in one simple screen

Weekly Goals

Set achievable goals each week and we’ll help you stay on track

Annual Report

Review your entire year with highlights of all your activity

What customers are saying...

“Gyroscope has been a motivator to adopt better habits. The Health Tracking app is key. I now go out for runs and work out more. I watch out my productivity, weight, sleep and time spent at places.” —Sebastian G

“The insights I get using Gyroscope are priceless. Every day I am able to make more informed decisions that make me a happier and healthier person.” —Chris C

“Gyroscope is the only product that makes tracking my life easy. With a glance I can tell what I'm excelling at, and what I need to work on. I don't go a day without checking the app.” —Brandon L

“If you’re slightly curious about yourself and interested in introducing good habits, Gyroscope is the best app. The Pro subscription is totally worth it. This app helped me changed for the better, both physically and mentally. A+” —Jeremy S

“Simply the best health tracking app on iOS. Covers everything from sleep to productivity, and helps me see a complete picture of my life on daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Slick UI/UX too. Deserves to be on your homescreen.” —Bilal M

“Gyroscope is the best. I open this app more than any other. It's amazing to be able to see all of this data about your life without having to spend hours doing it yourself. Try it. You won't be disappointed.” —Manik R

“As a college student, maintaining a healthy balance is the key to success. Gyroscope helps me visualize the data in my life so I can balance sleep, fitness, and productivity. Beautiful visualizations and a super useful app!” —Victoria S

“I love how Gyroscope gathers stats from various other services and turns it into a unified experience. As a designer, I care a lot about the aesthetics of everything I post. It makes me want to share my results with the world.” —Tatiana C