Frequently Asked Questions

How do you track a run?

This is a run sharing app, but does not actually track runs. We rely on Gyroscope's integrations with Runkeeper and Strava to get the data for a run.

Before you go running, you should open one of those running apps & start track your run. When you finish, we will sync your data and send a notification that your run is ready to view and share.

Does this work for walking? Hiking? Biking?

This app is currently only for running. We believe tailoring the app to a very specific use case lets us create the best possible design. We realize not everyone is a runner, and we're working on other apps—including a cycling app which is still in beta, and an overall health app with steps and other universal stats.

What if I don’t run with my phone?

We recommend running with your phone in order to get accurate map data. You can manually log a run by just entering the time and distance on Strava or Runkeeper. This is necessary for things like treadmills, and you will at least have access to views like the basic stats or donut counter.

My Runkeeper runs are not showing up properly

If you are using Runkeeper's Live Run feature, that will not work due to a bug with their API. We recommend not using that feature, otherwise we only get sent the first fraction of your workout, usually just 0.1 miles or something very small.

Will this work with Nike?

We do not have a Nike integration. To use runs from Nike, we suggest using this Nike+ data downloader (available as a website or app) to export your runs to Strava or Runkeeper, and then connect that to Gyroscope.

Will this work with my Garmin?

Strava has a great Garmin integration, which we use to show Garmin runs in the app. Syncing your Garmin account to Strava, and then connecting that Strava account to Gyroscope, will let you access all your runs in our app.

Do I need to take a photo?

We recommend trying to take a photo and uploading that for you run. However, there are a variety of other views which do not rely on a photo — like the maps, stats, or donut counter.

How are the calories calculated?

Our calorie count may differ from what you see in other apps for the same activity. Everyone's calorie counts are very rough estimates. We use a standard formula to estimate calories for a run based on the distance, speed and your weight. If your weight is not in Gyroscope, the value may be slightly less accurate.

Can I post to Twitter? Where else can I share?

The sharing options are: save to camera roll or share on Instagram. You can share anywhere—Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, iMessage, anywhere else—by saving the image to your phone and then using that image.

Can I sign up without Facebook?

For simplicity and security, Facebook login is the only way to start using Gyroscope. We use Facebook as a way to instantly set up your account (to know your age, timezone, have a profile photo, etc.). If you are worried about spamming your friends, rest assured we never post anything to your Facebook account.