Case Study


Lost 16 pounds and improved his HRV with 3 months on Gyroscope Coach

Neil, based in Wales, lost 16 pounds and 5% of bodyfat since joining Gyroscope Coach over 90 days ago. His health score, an aggregate of critical health indicators (like sleep, nutrition and HRV) greatly improved from a low 60's average to a high 90's average  — equivalent to adding almost 20 years of longevity!

Neil’s success is due to a holistic wellness approach from his coach, Jolene. It includes intermittent fasting, balanced macro-nutrient intake and improving fitness through resistance training, running and cycling.

Body-wise I'm leaner, stronger, and faster than before I started which is great!

Neil's health score rose from a low score of 60 to a high score of 85+ in the last 6 months.

Health Snapshot

  • CoachJolene
  • Starting weight184lbs/83.4kg
  • Starting bodyfat25.02%
  • Current weight168lbs/76kg
  • Current bodyfat21.5%
  • Weight lost on X16lbs/7.3kg
  • Bodyfat lost on X5%
  • Devices UsediPhone, Withings Scale

Neil’s weight dropped over 12 pounds (5kg) and 5% bodyfat since upgrading from Gyroscope Pro to X!

Neil’s Personalized Roadmap


Setup and Baseline

Practicing measuring food, tracking sleep and weight for a baseline of health.


Nutrition with a Focus on Macro-Nutrients

Optimizing the amount of carbs, fat and protein for proper fuel.


Resistance Training and Good Stress

Exploring the science of exercise and how to make desirable changes to your body by exposing it to ideal amounts of stress.


Resistance Training with a Focus on Repetitions

Monitoring exercises, reps, sets, and weights for maximum benefits.



Tracking and optimizing everything about sleep, especially heart rate, HRV, temperature, and evening routine.



Begining a mindfulness routine and trying different techniques to calm the mind. This usually improves many parts of health, from sleep quality, mood and even diet.

Neil's HRV metrics increased, indicating improved recovery and reduced stress. Gyroscope measures HRV at night automatically through Apple Watch and Oura ring tracking.

The holistic approach of nutrition, exercise, and accountability worked for me.

Interview with Neil

What makes X so special?

My coach has been very supportive since I started with X a couple of months ago. We all need a push to keep on track from time-to-time and coach Jolene has been superb at proving that.

What has changed with your body or lifestyle since starting on X?

Body-wise I'm leaner, stronger, and faster than before I started which is great! I've dropped about 5% body fat in just a couple of months. Lifestyle-wise it's been tricky to stay active and adapt to the social & travel changes due to the pandemic. With some careful planning, I've been able to maintain my running & cycling and head out for a walk every day.

On X, Neil was able to maintain a consistent 17 hour fasting time.

What would you say to people who may be on the fence about joining X?

If you're someone who feels they need some guidance from someone who knows what they're doing, then give it a go! The holistic approach (nutrition, exercise, and accountability) worked for me and I think it will work for you too.

I believe the combination of these approaches resulted in Neil's steady weight and body fat loss.

Behind the scenes with the coach

What methods did you find worked well for helping Neil with his health goals?

I found that focusing on macros for Neil worked really well. We focused on having a balance of protein, carbs and healthy fats. Neil did a great job of incorporating vegetables at every meal. He ended up going more low carb and incorporating intermittent fasting. I believe the combination of these approaches resulted in his steady weight and body fat loss.

Did your coaching approach with Neil change since you started working together, and if so, how?

I have been working with Neil for a little over 4 months. In that time we focused on both nutrition and workouts. Neil did a combination of running, strength training and cycling. Neil was very motivated from the start. He did very well with tracking food, working out and keeping his daily steps up.

Why did you choose the specific sections for Neil's roadmap? What are you focusing on now?

I chose these sections for Neil's roadmap because I thought it was important to get nutrition started first. Once we got nutrition underway we moved into resistance training. We will then move onto sleep and meditation.

Neil has done a really great job on Gyroscope Coach! I am really proud of his hard work and progress made!

Thanks Jolene & Neil!