Gyroscope Places

Automatically track your travels around the world

Now available in Gyroscope V2.0!

Free for all users on iOS & Android


Track all the time you spend at spots like home, work, gym or restaurants.

Why track visits?

See how often you go to places like the gym, the type of restaurants you frequent, and your other health metrics in context


Keep track of your transport types and how you travel between places

Why track motion?

Find healthy patterns or make changes to your daily routines. This is especially useful when traveling and for sharing your history


See beautiful maps of your life and keep track of all your memories

Health Impact

Find healthy patterns or change your daily routines. Interactive map lets you explore all your older history in a fun way

Pro Features

Tracking visits & travel tracking (just like in the Moves app) will be available for free to everyone, on both iOS and Android.

Advanced features like Passport, category analysis, or viewing your complete annual report are available as part of Gyroscope Pro. All our revenue comes from Pro memberships & book sales—we are collecting this data to help you be more healthy, not to sell you ads.


Keep track of all your adventures and how much time you spend in each place


Get a detailed breakdown of where you spend your time.

Location data from Foursquare

City Maps

An interactive exploration of every place you’ve been

Maps powered by Mapbox

Get your personalized annual report at the end of each year

See all your trips to different cities

Now available for free in the app!

Install the app to get started or add your Moves export!